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I am a Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, the Department of Computer Science, Loughborough University, UK. 

I am working in the areas of  biologically and psychologically inspired  learning algorithms, service robotics, robot learning and adaptation, deep learning, verification and validation of autonomous systems, multi-UAV  cooperation,  human motion analysis and activity recognition,  ambient assisted living,  driver's distraction detection, and computer vision.

Before I join Loughborough University, I worked as a postdoctoral research associate for 4 years in University of Wales, Aberystwyth(UWA), UK. I obtained my PhD from the Department of Computer Science, UWA. Before I came to UK,  I did one year RA in City University of Hong Kong on a project of intelligent control of multifingered robot hand  and its dynamic stability analysis. Before that, I was working in Intelligent Machine Institute at Tianjin University for several years in the area of intelligent robotics and image processing.

TWO new Postdoctoral positions available in 2017. Due to a new Newton grant, I need two postdoctoral in robotics. PDRA1 will work on robot control architecture design and implementation, low-level robot leg control, and robot dynamic balance control (position filled). PDRA2 will work on machine learning/deep learning for robotics, details here  or here 

News: I start to serve IEEE SMC society as an Associate Editor (AE) of IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, the flagship journal of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society.

I have just obtained another new grant on Autonomous Agricultural Robots, a new Postdoctoral will be available soon around Sept 2018 .

Hot news: a new project funded by Newton Fund, on Air Quality Monitoring and Carbon Credit Trading Platform for Sustainable Urban Environments, a postDoc will be needed from summer of 2018 on AI and machine learning .

Another success: a new project funded by Innovate UK,  "Novel real-time algorithms and system architecture for defect detection on patterned textiles", one PDRA is needed from summer 2018 for this project. 

Two new grants in 2019: one grant on applying AI to help sleep breathing disorders. The second grant is on machine learning for finance trading risk assessment. 

FIVE postdoctoral researcher (PDRA) positions in AI, machine learning, computer vision and robotics are available in 2019. Three  positions can be found here.  Another two in AI/machine learning for finance risk prediction, AI/computer vision for human movement analysis will be available soon. 


SEVEN PDRAs will be available soon in 2023 in computer vision, AI and embedded systems: two PDRAs for AI for net zero project from an EPSRC project, two PDRAs for embedded autonomy for drones (each 36 months), and two PDRAs for train intelligent passenger information systems (each for 2.5 years), one for about 1.5 years for AI/computer vision in food industry application. If you have experience in robotics and autonomous systems, deep learning, computer vision, and hardware implementation of algorithms on AI embedded boards, and would like to join us, please send me your CV.


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