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We are currently looking for 3 new postdoctoral Research Associates in the area of robot control, machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, and driverless vehicles; and 1 short term Research Associate (7 months) in computer vision,  automatic and online camera calibration and coordinate transformation. 

Postdoctoral Research Associates:

1. Mohammad Saad, working on my Newton Fund grant, July 2017-June 2019.

2. Dr Junyi Wang, working on Newton Fund YOBAN project, from February 2018.

3. Dr haibin Cai, working on Newton Fund YOBAN project, from April 2018.

4. Dr Amanda Whitbrook, PDRA, working on my WP in a £1M EPSRC project, June 2014- Feb 2016. Now a lecturer in Derby University.

5. Dr Wanqing Zhao, PDRA, working on my WP in a £1M EPSRC project. March 2013-March 2014. Now a Research Fellow in Cardiff University.

6. Dr Iffat Zafar, PDRA, working on “To implement and deploy an intelligent CCTV video forensic tool using multi-core processors”, funded by Technology Strategy Board, UK, Aug 2011- Aug 2013.  

Current PhD Students

  1. Christos Kouppas, Dynamic control of a bipedal robot, Oct 2016. Primary supervisor.

  2. Jiefei Wei, Verification and validation of autonomous vehicles, Oct 2016. Primary supervisor

  3. Weichao Wang, Situation assessment and decision making for driverless vehicles, July 2015. Primary supervisor

  4. Joanna Turner, Bio-inspired multi-vehicle collaboration in dynamic and uncertain environment, Oct 2013. Primary supervisor

  5. Muhammed Saada, Abnormal behaviour detection based on dynamic Bayesian Networks, April 2009. Primary supervisor

  6. Carl Robinson, Wearable sensor based human movement intention understanding, Oct 2015. Co-supervisor

  7. Yanis Bahroun, Deep learning for human-robot interaction, Oct 2015. Co-supervisor

Completed  PhD students:


  1. Ibrahim Tholley,   Robots learning to dance with music, July 2007-Dec 2012. Primary supervisor

  2. Afizan Azman, Real time driver’s cognitive distractions detection, Dec 2008-April 2013. Primary supervisor

  3. Simon Hunt, Task allocation and consensus with groups of cooperating unmanned aerial vehicles, Oct. 2009 - Jan 2014. Primary supervisor

  4. Syah Razali, Immune systems inspired multi-robot cooperative shepherding, Oct 2007- Feb 2014.  Primary supervisor

  5. Pablo Fernández de Dios, Key body pose detection and movement assessment in fitness performances, Oct 2011-Oct 2014. Primary supervisor

  6. Xiyan Chen, Automatic vehicle detection and tracking in aerial video, Dec 2010-Nov 2015. Primary supervisor

  7. Muhammad Fraz, Multi-core video processing for intelligent surveillance systems, Dec 2011-Nov 2014. Co-supervisor

Academic visitors:

  1. Professor Chengang Lv, (01/09/2017-30/08/2018), Tianjin University, China.

  2. Dr Jianhua Zhang, (01/09/2017-30/08/2018), Xuzhou Institute of Technology, China.

  3. ABDULLA AL KAFF (01/09/2015-31/11/2015), University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.

  4. Mr Jibing Wu, (04/07/2015- 28/Dec/2015), Key Laboratory of Information System Technology, National University of Defence Technology, China.

  5. Yongjie Zhao (19 August 2015-19 August 2016). Northeastern University, China.

  6. Na Geng ( 28/03/2015-27/03/2016), China University of Mining and Technology.

  7. Dr Zhen Liu, Key Laboratory of Information System Technology, National University of Defence Technology,  Dec 2014-Dec 2015

  8. Professor JiaChen Yang (Jan. 2014-Jan. 2015), School of Electronics and Information, Tianjin University, China.

  9. Professor Professor LiNan Jiao (June 2012-June-2013),  Department of Electronics and Information Engineering, Chang’an University.

  10. Professor Chaofan Dai (11/2010-11/2011), Key Laboratory of Information System Technology, National University of Defense Technology

  11. Dr Xiuling He ( 03/04/2010-03/04/2011), College of Mathematics and Statistics, Central China Normal University.

  12. Dr Min Zhang (01/06/2009-30/05/2010), Computer College, Chongqing University,  China

  13. Professor Su Deng (01/07/2009-01/12/2009),  Key Laboratory of Information System Technology, National University of Defence Technology

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