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Due to the new grants, we are still looking for 7 new postdoctoral Research Associates in the area of  machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision. 

Grant Awards:

(More to come. If you would like to join us as a Researcher (RA/PDRA), please send me your CV)

  1. "Self-Learning Digital Twins for Sustainable Land Management", UKRI/EPSRC, CoI, £2.4M, 1 May 2023-31 March 2025. 

  2. “Intelligent real-time embedded vision system for railway passenger detection and counting, and smart passenger information system”, CoI, KTP (Project No 13597), £487K, 2.5 years from Oct 2023.

  3. "Integrated last-mile logistics solution for sensitive medical and other high value applications", PI, £1.6M, (£1,622,974), 3 years from Sept 2023.

  4. "Robust and Trustworthy AI for autonomous systems", PhD studentship from Willis Towers Watson, PI, £40K, 2023-2026.

  5. "Computer vision based automatic herbicide performance assessment", in collaboration with MoA technology, £185K, 2023-2025.

  6. "Computer vision and AI for building fire risk assessment", PhD studentship from Willis Towers Watson, £40K, 2022-205. 

  7. Core equipment award, CoI, EPSRC, EP/X035433/1, , £875K, 2022. 

  8. "Neuromorphic memristive circuits to simulate inhibitory and excitatory dynamics of neuron networks: from physiological similarities to deep learning", CoI, EPSRC, EP/S032843/1,  £965,567, Jan 2020 - Jan 2024

  9. "JADE: Joint Academic Data science Endeavour - 2", CoI, Loughborough PI, EPSRC, £5.5M, 01 January 2020-31 December 2024.

  10. "Embedded AI and computer vision for real-time quality monitoring of automatic food processing", KTP project (PI), £250,451, 2021-2024. 

  11. "AI platform for strategic planning and operational decision-making for companies in the fast-moving consumer goods sector", KTP project, (CoI), 2021-2023, £197,792. 

  12. "Connected and intelligent device for personalised diagnostic, treatment and management of sleep breathing disorders", Innovate UK, Qinggang Meng (PI), Loughborough University, SNOOZEAL LIMITED, £428K in total, from July 2019. One PDRA is available. 

  13. AI and Machine Learning for Financial Risk Analysis, KTP project from June 2019 for 24 months. Qinggang Meng (PI). One Research Associate available, salary up to £50K p.a.

  14. " Novel real-time algorithms and system architecture for defect detection on patterned textiles", Qinggang Meng  (PI), Innovate UK, £421,482 in total. Three partners: Loughborough University, Shelton Machines Ltd (SML), Burberry Group Plc, from summer 2018. One PDRA post will be available soon.

  15. "Triple-Network Air Quality Monitoring and Carbon Credit Trading Platform for Sustainable Urban Environments", Qinggang Meng (PI), Newton Fund, £470K in total. Four partners: Loughborough University, Satochi Systems Ltd,  Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT)-Chinese Academy of Sciences, EEGSmart Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd., from Aug. 2018. One PDRA post will be available soon.

  16. "AgriRobot: Autonomous agricultural robot system for precision spraying", Qinggang Meng (PI), Innovate UK, 4 partners, £126k to Loughborough University.  From 1 April 2018. One PDRA post is available.

  17. “YOBAN- a companion robot to assist walking, sitting down and standing up for older people”, Qinggang Meng (PI), 1st April 2017-30th March 2019, £380,227 to Loughborough University/Dept. Computer Science, total about £1.1M. Newton Fund – China-UK Research and Innovation Bridges.

  18. KTP project: ARM and Loughborough University,  Qinggang Meng (Co-I), result announced on 14 Feb 2017, 3 April 2017 to 02 April 2019, £230,194, to Loughborough University/Dept. Computer Science.

  19. “Stabilisation and walking in a bipedal robot based on the Flexmotor”, Qinggang Meng (PI), 1 July 2016-30 June 2020, £40,000 to Loughborough University/Dept. Computer Science, EPSRC CDT-EI and Motion Robotics Ltd,

  20. “Video based feature extraction and object tracking”, Qinggang Meng (PI), £70,000,  SUKE INTEL, Sept 2017-Sept 2018.

  21. "Towards more autonomy for unmanned vehicles: situational awareness and decision making under uncertainty", Qinggang Meng (Co-I),  EPSRC, 1 March 2012-31 Dec 2016,  £1,006,188 (£1M) in total, £246,410 to Computer Science Dept. I led WP bio-inspired multi-vehicle cooperation and decision making.

  22. “To optimise the design, implementation and deployment of an intelligent CCTV video forensic tool using multi-core processors”, Qinggang Meng (Co-I),  £121,160,  TSB, KTA, Oct 2011—Sept 2013. Leading  multi-core image/video  processing.

  23. “Highly autonomous and safe mining robot”, China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, GDT20163200052, support travel and accommodation for visiting China University of Mining and Technology for total 3 months, 2016-2017.

  24. “On objective shooting quality assessment methods for stereo cameras based on stereo camera sources”,  National Natural Science Foundation of China, Qinggang Meng (Co-I), Grant number: 61471260, 850K RMB, 01, 2015-12, 2018.

  25. “Developmental robotic writing control driven by enhanced constraint-lifting algorithms”, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Qinggang Meng (Co-I), 220K RMB,  Grant No. 61203336, 01.2013-12, 2015.

  26.  “Integrative computation for autonomous agents: a novel approach based on the vertebrate brain”, 2005-2010, EPSRC, £1,893,234 (£1.89M) (as a PDRA).

  27. “Developmental learning algorithms for embedded agents,” 2002- 2005. EPSRC, £208,307 (As a PDRA).

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